Approval Voting polls

Because approval voting allows people to vote for multiple options, it would be helpful to be able to display each option's approval rating (the number of votes it received divided by the number of voters in the poll). This means that an option that is approved by 100% of voters should have 100% displayed on it's % bar. Right now, when you conduct an approval voting poll, what is displayed next to each option is the % of the votes it received, not the % of the voters that voted for it. I regard this as a mistake, because the % bar that appears next to each option should be an indicator of how popular it is, however right now that is not the case because an option that is approved by 70% of voters could get a % bar that shows that they got just 10% support just because there were a lot of other options.

Here are example of approval voting polls that don't make this mistake:



Also, why do you show your approval voting polls as a pie chart showing the amount of votes each option got. That makes sense in plurality voting, but if you did this with approval voting, you could have 10 pizza restaurant options and 2 burger restraint options, and it would appear as though a lot more people wanted pizza then burgers when the reverse is true. In approval voting, each candidate is independent of every other candidate so the correct way to show approval voting results is with a bar graph (like how this approval voting poll was displayed: http://electology.org/sites/default/files/approval_voting_results_example_chart.png). However that is not the only correct way to display approval voting results. You can still use a pie chart but in each part of the pie chart, display a group of voters that all voted the same way (the group of voters that approved of all the pizza places and none of the burger places, the group of voters who approved of all of the burger ones, etc.)


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