Multiple Straw Polls in one!

To further explain this one, in ONE Strawpoll link, one might have multiple different strawpolls where the users can decide how many different polls for different things they decide to fill out! So for example, lets say I want to make a strawpoll that specifically goes over Channels in a Discord Server, where the questions would have to pertain to specifically that subject. And at the same time, I want to make a strawpoll for General Quality of Life in the same discord server. 
If I wanted to do that now, I would have to make two separate strawpolls, and use two separate links, and monitor those two separate results. 
To make it easier, you could make it to where users could create multiple strawpolls in one, where in one page, users could answer questions pertaining to "Issue #1," and on the second, they could answer questions pertaining to "Issue #2!"


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